What is included in the rental of vehicles?

Needs of clients are different and you have to be sure that you are paying for what you want. Features included in the price will be shown on the reservation or rental agreement, they are:

  • Basic insurance – up to the amount of the deductible (CDW)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Winter tires in winter period

Can I change or cancel a reservation?

Once you have made your booking, you will receive a confirmation with your reservation number. If you want or need to change your reservation, you can simply select Changes or
Cancellations.You can also contact us by calling our mobile phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or sending an e-mail to info@antropoti.com.

I want to extend my reservation

You can extend your reservation through the Internet. In case you have already picked up thevehicle, contact our local branch office or the reservation center by phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or  e-mail info@antropoti.com.

What is required when picking up the vehicle?

When picking up the vehicle you are required to submit your:

    • driver’s license
    • credit card
    • passport or identity card

Since the rental price includes basic insurance, an agent will ask you if you want extra security. Please refer to the section on insurance. The car will be submitted with a full fuel tank. You are obligated to return the vehicle with a full tank.

You will recieve a lease contract which you must read and sign. It will contain all costs and
insurance which you have selected. You will examine the vehicle to check its condition before signing the contract. This is neccessary in order to determine potential damage made to the vehicle during your reservation period. You will then recieve keys of your vehicle, a copy of the rental agreement and Conditions report.

Can I travel outside the country in which the vehicle is booked?

Of course, you can travel outside the Croatian borders at an additional charge. For further
information please contact us at by phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or e-mail info@antropoti.com.

Can I leave the vehicle in another country?

Yes, but you must contact us by phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or e-mail address info@antropoti.com. to make arrangements.

What additional equipment and services are available, and how much do they cost?

  • WiFi device – 45.00 HRK + VAT (6 € + VAT)
  • GPS navigation – 52.50 HRK/7 € + VAT (maximum 525.00 HRK/69 € + VAT)
  • Child seat – 33.75 HRK/4,5 € + VAT (maximum 337.50 HRK/44 € + VAT)
  • Pick up and return of the vehicle outside business hours – 225.00 HRK/29,33 € + VAT
  • Pick up and return of the vehicle in a specific location – 225.00 HRK/29,33 € + VAT
  • Fee for returning the vehicle to another branch – 300.00 HRK/39,11 € + VAT
  • Additional driver in period 01.04. – 18.10. – 37.50 HRK/5 € + VAT per day (maximum of 375.00 HRK/50 € + VAT per week)
  • Pick up and return of the vehicle to a specific location – 225.00 HRK/29,33 € + VAT
  • Fee for picking up the car at a different branch – 412.50 HRK/54 € + VAT (for rentals to 6 days, out of season; 01.01.-20.06. / 01.09 31.12.) – 487.50 HRK/64 € + VAT (for rentals up to 14 days in high season 21.06. – 31.08.)
  • Green card (manditory document if the vehicle is driven outside Croatian border) – 37.50 HRK/5 € + VAT per day (maximum of 375.00 HRK/49 € + VAT per week)

You will pay for additional equipment and services in the branch in which you return the vehicle. If you have selected additional equipment and services while making your reservation, the price includes rent and down payment. If you select additional equipment and services after you made your reservation, you will make a payment in the branch in which you pick up the vehicle.

Additional costs

Potential additional costs are:

1. Service fueling:

The rule is that you pick up a vehicle with a full tank and it has to be returned with a full tank. If you return the vehicle with an empty tank, we will be asked to pay 200.00 HRK/26,07 € + VAT and the difference between the amount of fuel you had when picking up the vehicle and when returning.

2. Delay when returning the vehicle will be charged according to the following rules:

0 – 180 min = free of charge

3h – 5h = 1/5 daily rate per hour

5h or more hours = additional day

3. Offense and parking fines:

Lessee will bear all costs of traffic offenses and fines. If the lessee does not pay the fines during the rental period, Antropoti Vip Club Concierge service will pay the fines and charge the lessee with additional administrative costs.

I am participant of a traffic accident

The proceedings in the event of an accident can be found on the website of your local police
station. In case of an accident in which someone is killed or injured or caused damage, you must:

• remain at the scene of the accident, you can temporarily leave only to assist injured people,
• move dangerous items on the road that might enable normal flow of traffic, without putting yourself at risk or tampering with evidence,
• inform the police and wait for them to arrive at the sceen,
• notify Antropoti Vip Club Concierge service by phone at +385 0 91 157 87 27 or nearest branch for further instructions.

I have lost my reservation number

Call us at +385 0 91 157 87 27 or call our nearest branch.

My flight is late or has been cancelled

If your flight is late, and you have informed us on time, our emplees will change the time of
picking up the vehicle. If your flight has been cancelled, notify us so that we can cancel your

What if I want to pick up the vehicle outside your working hours?

Vehicle can be picked up at any hour but you will pay an additional fee of 225,00 HRK/29,33 € + VAT. For more information contact us by phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or e-mail info@antropoti.com.

Is it manditory to provide you number of my flight when creating a reservation?

Giving us information about your flight will help us know the time of your arrival and we will be able to react in case of delay or cancellation.

Is there an age limit when making a reservation?

Yes. Minimum age is 21, maksimum is 70. If you are older than 18 and younger than 21,
additional fee is 37,50 HRK/5 € + VAT per day, maksimum 375,00 HRK/50 € + VAT per lease.

Is the number of kilometers always unlimited?

No. This depends on whether there is a special offer. For more information contact us by
phone +385 0 91 157 87 27 or e-mail info@antropoti.com.