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Whether it’s a honeymoon travel or your own private island for exciting holidays, short business trip or an extensive corporate road show, a holiday away with some friends, family, or a short break to the sun, luxury ski travel, Antropoti offers our private jet charter service for your luxury holidays for both domestic and international travel.

Air Charter Service &  Travel Concierge provides bespoke itineraries for luxury travel and private jet packages whether with friends, family or colleagues, you can charter a private jet to take you right into the heart of your destination.

Skip the airport and bad weather delays by chartering a private jet for business, family Christmas flights and seasonal holidays and travel in comfort and style with expert tour guides who will make your journey unforgettable.

Will be happy to provide you availability and cost for bespoke itineraries for luxury travel and private jet packages across the world. We can arrange transportation in almost any type of executive aircraft to suit your needs and wishes.

Travel package can include arrive by private jet, spectacular desert-island retreats and a luxurious yacht cruise with tailored activities every day for a taste of luxury and indulgence.

Our team is standing by to help you plan your exclusive holiday in Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Cyprus, France, in Turkey, on the white beaches in the Maldives, private charter tour of United Arab Emirates, Africa and other numerous destinations available to travellers which seeking a relaxing private place to spend a couple of days, weekend, week or two.

Contact us today and experience luxury travel on a private jet charter with Antropoti private jet!

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